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Your book is your baby, and we want you to know we'll treat your literary project with tender loving care. Here are some happy publishing clients to show you what we can do.

  • The Advenutres of Butchie!

    By Mary Edmondson

    Butchie and her four sisters are playing, skipping, and wheeling on their way to school. Suddenly, they hear a noise! What's that sound coming from the bushes? There it is again! "Come on; we're going to be late for school!" Patricia, the oldest sister screeches. But Butchie, Miss Nosey Butt, has to investigate. What she finds surprises her and frightens her sisters. Now, the adventure begins.

  • amina's race cover.jpg
    Amina's Race

    By Nicole Major

    Amina is at it again. This time, instead of building a wall to protect her kingdom, she and her beautiful black stallion, Samira, do the "impossible" by challenging what's normal in 17th-Century Nigeria.

  • love isnt stage cover.png
    Love Isn't Constant Pain

    K Rashad

    K. Rashad’s Mission is to inspire women to love themselves. Life is more than heartbreak and pain. You must know your worth and set boundaries. One bad relationship doesn’t define who you are or your worth. We were never put on this Earth to suffer…. What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want peace or pain? You always have a choice.

    The book will release in the Spring of 2021

  • All Eyes On Me

    By Gary Nelson

    Do you sometimes feel like all eyes are on you? Follow Darius as he learns how to deal with fear and discovers how to change his thinking to overcome his anxieties, and you can do it too!

    All Eyes On Me is the first book of a three-book series that addresses how children see the world around them. Sometimes, what they perceive can contribute to developing issues, such as anxiety and depression. Parents can learn to see through their children's eyes, and understand how to be active participants in their child's counseling.

    Gary Nelson is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with children, families, couples, and other individuals who need assistance addressing mental health concerns.

  • Different, just like you !

    By Teska T Frisby

    In Different, just like you! Follow Samuel as he goes on his day-to-day journey, and you will see the world through the eyes of someone with special needs. Samuel lives with Cerebral Palsy, but as you will soon discover, his life is no different from anyone else's. He loves his family, has big goals and dreams, and he wants to be happy, just like you!

    The world would be a little better, a little kinder, and a little lighter if we all decided to care about those who might be a little different. Different, just like you! will help to open our eyes to their world and how they see it. All of us need someone, although some of us might rely on others more than most. We don't all love the same way, but we all want to love and be loved by others.

  • Zack's Adventures in Jellymanland

    By Chaitanya Bahadur

    Chaitanya is a young author from Lucknow Province India. He has big dreams. At only 10-years-old, Zack's Adventures in Jellymanland, is his first published book. He is reaching for the stars! As it's just the first one in a series of six books he's working on!

    Follow Zack on an interplanetary adventure as he battles a monster and a wicked king to rescue his best friend!

  • maddy.jpg
    Maddys Grumpa Grumpa Day

    By Zoe Duran

    The huge teardrops poured from Maddy’s brown eyes. Her sad face gazed through the school bus window as the gigantic raindrops splashed against it.

    Her unusual school day had finally come to an end. The red lights flashed, and the yellow bus came to a full stop. Before the doors completely opened, Maddy squeezed through, darting into her mother’s outstretched arms. “Hello, sweetie.” said her mother, kissing Maddy’s wet cheeks.

    ​“Why are your eyes raining?” Her mother asked.

    Maddy frowned, “Because everyone in school was grumpy and mean to me, no one was nice.”  

    ​Maddy's Grumpa, Grumpa Day is Coming Soon!

  • Potents

    By Caleb Howard

    Caleb Howard is a young adult author from New Jersey. Since high school, Caleb has been dreaming of creating his own action series, and with the first episode of his debut Manga series, Potents, he’s on his way.

    Delia is an ax-wielding princess who can command trees to grow and flowers to bloom. Her kingdom has a secret that she's on the verge of discovering.

  • Become a Covid-19 Superhero!

    By Sheryl Crawford

    Practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and wearing a mask is all it takes to be a Covid-19 Superhero - Young ones can follow the CDC's guidelines, too, and become Covid-19 Superheros today!!!

  • 12 Hours

    By Thagan Nelson

    Antionette is a fierce and calculating assassin whose latest target continues to escape her grasp. Could it be that he’s better than she is?

    Or is it that her reality isn’t what it seems? 12-Hours is a riveting adventure filled with twists and turns sure to keep your eyes glued to its pages.

    With the help of The Children's Publishing Initiative, Thagan Nelson

    is the pen name for a group of Willingboro High School Sophomores from Willingboro, New Jersey, who worked together to write 12 Hours.

    This comic is part of a three-book series. The first book released in January 2021, and is available now!

  • Sometimes You Call Me... Water

    By Rikki Lehn

    Rikki Lehn may currently live in New Jersey, but she was born and raised in New York, and she's very proud of that. Her first book, Sometimes You Call Me... Water made its debut in August of 2020.

    Her book features poetry infused with Rikki's authentic photography. She hopes that people will be able to relate to her work and that it heals and opens a pathway to the reader's creativity. She feels that each poem can mean something different to every person who reads them.

    Rikki holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Plattsburgh State University, an MBA from Jones International University. Additionally, she has a MABC in Business Communications.

  • It's All About You!
    ¡Es Todo Acerca De Ti!

    By Corey Laramore

    Go on an adventure with a happy little sea turtle, and his family, as he discovers just how much he is loved and cherished. It's All About You! By Corey J. Laramore, is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book that fosters high self-esteem in little ones through a series of positive affirmations. Share in the journey, and proclaim "It's All About You!" To your little one every day and night!

    Corey is a father, poet, and now an author. He has dedicated his life's work to serving children with positive youth development for the past twenty years. He knows how vital encouraging words are to children.

    Known for his humor and creativity, Corey hopes that It's All About You, will become a national bestseller, and bring life-changing words of affirmation that speak with vision.

  • marvin's book.jpg
    Husbands Love Your Wives

    By Marvin Carter

    There you stand at the altar prepared to say I do to your beautiful bride. Your thoughts are racing; your heart is pounding; your feet are like cement blocks in your shoes.
    The words you hear are, "I now pronounce you, man and wife." Now, just like that, you are hurled into a world of expectation and responsibility.
    "Husband's Love Your Wives," unpacks the many levels within such a simple statement. Using Christ as our barometer, we examine how our marriages would benefit from following His example of perfect love.

    Marvin is a husband, father, avid musician, Disney buff, and semi-competitive Monopoly player. He holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from The College of New Jersey. Marvin is a ten-year higher-ed professional who has devoted his life to ministry.

    Husbands Love Your Wives is slated to release in the Winter of 2021.

  • Amina's Wall

    By Nicole Major

    Amina's Wall is a fictional tale that weaves together ancient African Legend with a bit of fairytale flair. Follow our hero as she discovers how to save her kingdom. Fall in love with Amina's Wall over and over again!

    Amina's Wall is by Pink Butterfly's founder and CEO, Nicole Major. It's illustrated by the company's lead artist, Carlos Lemos.

  • God is Love

    By Nicole Major

    Follow Ava and her Abuela as they go on a journey to discover where God is! Children and adults alike will enjoy this adorably quaint tale that entertains and offers a unique, non-conforming way of looking at an age-old question.

    God is Love was written by Pink Butterfly's founder and CEO and illustrated by Lead artist, Carlos Lemos.

  • cover-1.jpg
    A Mouse's Tale

    By Nicole Major

    Is the moon made of cheese? A group of mice living in a beautiful green meadow think it is. Learn the tale of how they came to be in this fun children's adventure.

    Slated to release in spring of 2021!

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