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We have years of combined publishing experience across many genres. We provide an end-to-end service that supports you from manuscript to marketing, distribution to design. We're committed to producing literature that satisfies you and your audience. Our bottom line is this: Every author deserves to do what they love for a living. Ready to get started? Simply reach out.

Pictured Left is Rikki Lehn, Author of Sometimes You Call Me... Water, published August 2020.

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  • Nicole Major Amina's Wall, God is Love ...

    Nicole has been writing for years and has authored several books under her former name, Nicole Hester-Williams.

    Her latest titles are Amina's Wall, published in 2019, and God is Love (2020). A Mouse's Tale is slated to release in the Spring of 2021, followed by Amina's Race, releasing Juneteenth 2021.

    In 2019, in Trenton, New Jersey, the Trenton School Board signed a resolution approving the inclusion of two copies of Amina's Wall for every elementary school library in the district.

    Additionally, in Fairfield, Iowa, a Fairfield Community School District School Board member added the book to each of the district's elementary school libraries.

    For more about Nicole, go to or Click the button below.

  • Corey Laramore
    It's All About You!

    Corey J. Laramore is a father, poet, and now author of the children's book,  It's All About You. Corey has dedicated his life's work to serving children in the area via positive youth development for the past twenty years.

    He has a keen understanding of how encouraging words affect children.

    Known for his humor and creativity, Corey hopes that It's All About You, will become a national bestseller. 

    Upon the release of It's All About You, Corey received a letter of recognition from his Mayor. He's currently working on partnerships with local schools, and is currently talks with a well-known corporationson about how his book can bring life-changing words of affirmation that speak with vision to children all over the globe.  

  • Gary Nelson
    All Eyes On Me

    Gary Nelson holds a Masters Degree, and he is a Nationally Certified Counselor, who is licensed by the New Jersey Board of Professional Counselors (LPC).

    Gary is a newly published author who uses his writing to help children deal with the complexities of mental health.

    Additionally, Gary is the director of Making Visions Possible (MVP) in Willingboro, New Jersey.

    Making Visions Possible (MVP) School Based Youth Services Program

    The School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) was started in 1987 to help young people navigate their adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment or continuing education, and graduate healthy and drug free.

  • Rikki Lehn
    Sometimes you call me...Water

    Born in New York City, Rikki Lehn is a poet and a novice photographer who shared her heart with the world in her debut book, Sometimes You Call Me Water.

    Lehn believes that each poem can mean someting different to each reader. She hopes that others will be able to relate to her work, and that it fosters healing and creativity.

    Rikki holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from Plattsburgh State Univerisyt, an MBA form Jones International University, and and MABC in Business Communications.

  • Teska T Frisby
    Different Like You !

    Teska Frisby has been an incredible asset to the Mercer County community for more than 17 years. A child of God, wife, mother, community advocate, and entrepreneur is how Teska would describe herself in that exact order.

    Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Ruth DeCosta and Charles Flowers Sr., she was raised in a single-parent household with her three siblings. It was from her childhood of meager beginnings that Teska learned the value of hard work and persistence from her mother.

    Her full bio is linked to her Amazon Author Page, where you can also find her book, Different, just like you!

  • Chaitanya Bauduhar
    Zacks Adventures In Jellymanland

    Chaitanya Bauduhar is a 10-year-old author from Lucknow Province, in India.

    His mother, Dr. Promilia Bauduhar, is a professor and entreprenuer, while his father in an executive manager.

    Chaitanya's parents encourage their children to "Live life Kingsize!" He wrote his first book, although not published, when he was only 5-years-old.

    Now, he's starting his career as an author. Jack's Adventures in Jellymanland, is his first book. He's currently working with the Children's Publishing Inititiative. His next book, will feature Zack and his friends again as they try to escape Videogameland.

  • Caleb Howard

    Caleb Howard. Is a young adult engineering student and comic writer based in the Northeast.

    Creating his debut Manga Comic, Potents, was a dream come true for Caleb. This first Episode is just the beginning.

    Follow his Instagram to get updates at @potents_comic; Twitter at @potents12.

  • Sheryl Crawford
    How To be A Covid-19 Superhero

    Sheryl Crawford is the author of Become A Covid-19 Superhero. A veteran educator for 29 years, Sheryl asked herself what she would do for kids if she were still in the classroom when the Pandemic hit the world.

    "I woud write a book!" She thought, adding that it would be the way that she would explain the issue on a level that children would understand.

    With her debut published children's book, she did just that.

    "Children learn through play and demonstration. I hope that reading Become A Covid-19 SuperHero will help them cooperatively adapt to their environment," she said.

  • K. Rashad

    "All women raised me. Growing up, I watched the women who mattered the most to me settle for abusive men and settle for less than they deserved," said social media influencer K. Rahad. "My Aunt Catina was tragically murdered by her ex-boyfriend when she was 22 yrs old, and that’s what inspires me to write."

    K. Rashad's book, Love Isn't Constant Pain, is dedicated to his aunt and all women who have experienced abuse or those who are currently dealing with abuse.

    He also wrote this book to show that many men do care about and understand women.

    "I’ve hurt people, and I’ve been hurt. I am not a perfect man. I'm just a man who has learned from his mistakes and other men. Self-love is the best love. Know your worth and love yourself!" K. Rashad

    Love Isn't Constant Pain released in April of 2021.

  • brenda.jpg
    Brenda Payne Whiteman

    Brenda Payne Whiteman is a writer and editor with more than 30 years of experience in the public relations/communications field.  She particularly enjoys writing feature stories with human interest angles.

    Brenda served previously as a member of the internal communications team in the Research & Development division at Educational Testing Service (ETS) and in public relations roles at Rider University, the Credit Union Affiliates of New Jersey, Syracuse University, and as a marketing associate at Mercer County Community College.  She volunteers as a public relations specialist for ITIAH Angels for Learning (IAFL).

    Brenda earned a BA in English from SUNY Stony Brook and an MA in Print Journalism from Columbia University.  She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

    She makes her book debut with Sunday Mornin’, a children’s picture book about the black church experience told through the eyes of an adorable little heroine.  The book was published August 2021.

  • Zoe Miller
    Maddy's Grumpa Grumpa Day

    Zoe Miller is an avid writer, author, and entrepreneur. He resides in Lawrence, New Jersey, with his beautiful wife, three incredible children, and their two rambunctious dogs.

    Zoe's journey to becoming an author began many years ago when he read bedtime stories to his children that he penned just for them.

    His goal for writing children's books has changed slightly. Now, he writes to give your little ones the same precious gift his little ones had. A never-ending supply of smiles, giggles, and laughter! Follow Zoe at BooBear Books.

    His debut book, Maddy's Grumpa, Grumpa Day, was released in April of 2021.

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